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Whether its Personal Training Services, Mentoring or Strength and Conditioning Coaching for teams, Hills Strength and Conditioning has a solution for you.

We create personalised programs that are based on scientific assessment and utilise many different training methods to help you achieve your goals.

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Clinton Hill.

Clint is a passionate hard working S&C.

An Industry Leader with over 22 Years of experience, you won't find this type of knowledge and experience very often.

He's a highly educated professional with a Masters in Strength & Conditioning from Edith Cowan University WA, and a Ba. Sports Science Sydney University New South Wales.

Clint is also an ELITE Strength and Conditioning Coach through the ASCA, NSCA and also the CSCS.

What can he do for you?

Clint and his team can create for you Personalised Programs that are based on scientific assessment and the utilisation of many different training methods.

Every lesson using learnt fully scientific researched techniques.

While others follow fads and trends, we lead by example with Clint and our coaches travelling the country and the world to find the right combinations to use for your training.

Be it strength gain, sports specific or body composition training.

Don't believe the hype, listen to the professionals.